Bastard Winter Preparation

Good news! The Bastard can be used all year round, even when it is freezing and/or there is frost on your Bastard. However, this tough Bastard does need some love from time to time. Maintain the Bastard well by following our maintenance tips.

Do you use the Bastard less in winter? If so, we have a few tips:

  • Remove all charcoal and food residues from your kamado.
  • Open the lower air slider and the top cap all the way. This prevents mould and unpleasant odours. 
  • Place a moisture trap in the kamado.
  • Spray all steel parts such as the bolts, nuts, wheels and springs with WD40 to prevent rust. 
  • Treat the cast iron top cap with vegetable edible oil (note; no olive oil) or the Cast Iron Care spray. This prevents rust formation. Repeat every few months (even in other seasons). If you won't be using your kamado for a long time, you can also remove the top cap and store it in a dry place. In that case, make sure your kamado is covered with a rain cover to prevent water from getting into your kamado.
  • Remove the bamboo tables and store them dry. The handle and tables are best wood oiled or varnished to keep them well protected. You should treat them with a water-based epoxy lacquer, a synthetic resin or a wood oil suitable for bamboo.
  • Preferably place your kamado indoors and/or in a sheltered spot where it cannot blow over.
  • If your Bastard cannot be placed indoors, protect it with a rain cover. The rain cover ensures that your kamado is protected from wind and weather. However, due to the sealing effect of the rain cover combined with possible condensation caused by rising moisture, there is a risk of mould forming in or on the kamado. In particular, this condensation can cause impressions, stains and/or mould on the bamboo parts of your kamado. Therefore, we recommend you remove the side tables from your kamado before the kamado is covered (for a prolonged period) by the rain cover. We also recommend airing the kamado out every now and then by taking the cover off for a while in nice weather. This will keep your kamado looking beautiful for as long as possible.
  • You can remove the mould or deposit on the outside by wiping the Bastard with soapy water, to which you add a small dash of bleach or mild detergent. Afterwards, wipe it well with a clean cloth and enough water so that you remove the cleaning agents as well.

Note: in winter, the temperature differences are extreme. To prevent the parts made of ceramic from snapping and/or cracking, it is best to let the temperature rise as slowly as possible. Light the kamado in only one place. Start the session with the top cap and damper only slightly open. You can gradually open these a little further, to let the temperature rise. So you need a bit of patience, but it will certainly be rewarded. All the better your winter meal will taste!