Dome Thermometer

Moisture in the thermometer

In cold and humid weather, condensation may occur in the thermometer, especially in autumn. This is because the thermometer in the dome is not completely waterproof. Below are a few tips on how to overcome this problem:

  • Simply get going. There is a good chance that by heating up the BBQ, the condensation will disappear on its own. After a few uses, it tends to diminish
  • Put the Bastard in the sun for a while
  • Disassemble the thermometer and put it in the oven at up to 100 degrees Celsius until the moisture has gone away
  • Place the thermometer in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight 

Incorrect temperature: 

Is your thermometer not showing the right temperature? You can test it to see if it is defective. Dismantle the thermometer from the dome (there is a nut on the inside that you can unscrew). Then place the thermometer in a pot of boiling water. The thermometer should then read 100 degrees. 

Is the temperature incorrect? Then you can manually adjust the thermometer using a screwdriver and the adjusting screw at the back of the thermometer. Sometimes you have to repeat this several times, as when you remove the thermometer from the water, the temperature drops. If this too does not fix the problem, the thermometer is defective and you can submit a service request to us. The warranty on the thermometer is 1 year.