General Temperature control

The height of the temperature is very much dependent on the amount of oxygen and other conditions such as wind, humidity, type of coal and the outside temperature. Controlling the temperature is therefore almost never 100% the same.

It is not that difficult to achieve a constant high temperature of, for example, 250 degrees Celsius or a low temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius. You can also achieve a constant low temperature for up to 12 hours without adding new charcoal.

You control the temperature with the top ventilation disc and the bottom ventilation. To slowly increase the temperature, start with the top and bottom vents only slightly open. You can slowly open it a little further to increase the temperature. The more oxygen, the higher the temperature.

Do you want to put out the fire? Then you close the top and bottom ventilation. It couldn't be easier! Note: do not use water to extinguish the coals, as this can damage the ceramic.

TIP: Always use a plate setter for slow cooking at a low temperature. Do not let the grill get too hot. It takes hours to bring the temperature down. If you want to lower the temperature, you slide the top and bottom ventilation closer.