Hairline cracks / craquelure in the ceramics

We understand that you may be worried about hairline cracks in the kamado's ceramic, and that this may come across as a cosmetic imperfection, or even a manufacturing defect.  

This is craquelure. Your kamado is made of natural material. Craquelure is a characteristic of ceramic glazed products. It lives and breathes. So a good kamado will always show hairline cracks, to a greater or lesser extent. After the baking process of the glazed ceramic during production, residual moisture may remain. Sometimes the hairline cracks look remarkably white. That is ceramic dust being pushed out by the moisture. When heated, this can increase. This is not harmful to the ceramic and does not affect the operation of the kamado. 

You can treat your kamado with a polish, for example this one. Once you have done this a few times, you will see that the white effect diminishes or even goes away. Moreover, you can use this to protect and clean your kamado - 2 birds with one stone!