General Maintenance & Cleaning


After preparing a delicious dish, you can fire up The Bastard for a while (top cap and damper open). After that, you can use a BBQ brush to easily remove the grease/food residue from the grate. You can remove the small remnants of charcoal with an ash poker. To prevent the grill from rusting, we recommend greasing it with a vegetable oil or the Bastard Care spray. Use an oil that can withstand high temperatures; olive oil is not suitable. 

Regularly remove the ash at the bottom of The Bastard with the poker. After no more than 4 times, fully clean the barbecue by removing the inner rings (the firebox and fire ring) and wiping them completely clean with a dustpan and brush. 

Note! When cleaning, hold The Bastard and do not leave the lid open. The lack of counterweight may cause it to topple over. 

Rain cover use:

The Bastard can basically be left outside all year round. Want The Bastard to really stay at its best? Then use a rain cover. The rain cover ensures that the kamado is protected from wind and weather. Due to the sealing effect of the rain cover combined with possible condensation caused by rising moisture, there is a risk of mould forming in or on the kamado. In particular, this condensation can cause impressions, stains and/or mould on the bamboo parts of The Bastard. Therefore, we recommend you remove any side tables from your kamado before the kamado is covered (for a prolonged period) by the rain cover. Make sure the kamado is thoroughly dry before putting the rain cover over it. The side tables are best stored in a dry place. We also recommend airing the kamado out every now and then by taking the cover off for a while in nice weather. Open the damper and the top cap before covering the kamado with the rain cover. This will keep The Bastard looking beautiful for as long as possible.

The ceramic:

The ceramic can also use some polish every now and then, which is why we offer The Bastard Cleaner set. You can remove the mould or dirt on the outside of the kamado by wiping your barbecue with soapy water, to which you add a small dash of bleach or mild detergent. Afterwards, wipe it well with a clean cloth and enough water so that you remove the cleaning agents as well.

To prevent mould in the future, we recommend taking the cover off every now and then in nice weather and letting your kamado air out well.