Getting The Bastard summer ready

After the winter, your BBQ can use some extra attention. With the following tips, you ensure that your BBQ is completely ready for a beautiful summer season.

  • Remove old charcoal residues.
  • Fill the coal basket halfway with coal. Do you have a coal basket with a divider? Then remove it.
  • Light the Bastard in only 1 place. When you light in several places, the temperature rises faster and you want to prevent that. Tip: use a platesetter, then the temperature will rise less quickly and you can also regulate the temperature better.
  • Let the temperature rise as slowly as possible. This prevents (possible) cracking and/or breaking of the ceramic. In this step, open the air slide in your base all the way and open the daisy disc just a little bit. As soon as your dome thermometer reads 100 degrees, you know your kamado is burning well. Has your BBQ reached 100 degrees? Then close the air slide in the base until it is only open a quarter.
  • Try not to let the temperature rise above 150 degrees for 3 hours. You will see that the "winter moisture" will draw out of the kamado. Tip: also use your platesetter. This makes it easier to prevent the temperature from rising (too) quickly.
  • After 3 hours, remove the top cap for more airflow.
  • Let your charcoal burn up completely.

Has mold formed in the inside of your kamado during the winter? Don't panic, this will also disappear during the summer preparation.

Has mold formed on the outside? You can remove these by wiping your kamado with soapy water, in which you add a small dash of bleach or mild detergent. Then wipe it well with a clean cloth and enough water to remove the (bleach) solution.

After this process, your Bastard is ready for the start again and a good BBQ season!