Refurbisched Bastards

In the webshop, you will not find refurbished Bastards or demo models/second-hand kamados. These are only available in the Harlem BBQ store. The range and prices in these are always changing. Contact our team at Harlem BBQ by phone to discuss options at the following number: 023-2052252. We cannot provide any information on this by e-mail, but you are welcome to come to the store to see the models!

 Note: each Bastard is unique due to its handmade finish. Ceramic is a natural product so there are variations in its colour and texture. The Urban Bastard shows more colour variations than the Bastard with a glossy finish. You will receive a warranty on the ceramic dome and base, but any replacement of these may vary in colour & texture. No rights can be derived from deviations in colour and/or texture. More information on this can be found in the warranty conditions.